HuskSMP is a Minecraft server centered around various survival gamemodes. We first opened in July of 2019 as a single survival server, and now have expanded to a larger network with different games.

Our Games

  • Survival – The classic HuskSMP survival experience. This is a semi-vanilla server, with some minor enhancements (including an economy, one player sleep, land claim, and etc).
  • New Survival – Our newer rendition of survival, but with fewer modifications and a much more vanilla approach.
  • Prison – HuskSMP’s take on Prison – less mindless block breaking, more actual playing.
  • Skyblock – A semi-vanilla/classic Skyblock experience, with co-ops.
  • Hardcore – A hard-mode, near 100% vanilla survival server (excluding land claim), but when you die you’re banned from it for 24 hours.
  • Pixelmon – A multiplayer-optimized, online Pixelmon server.
  • FTB – A slightly modified version of classic FTB.


The server currently runs on 1.16.1 (for vanilla servers) and 1.12.2 (for modded servers) in Minecraft Java Edition.

IP: play.husksmp.com

Links: Discord | Rules | Store | Contact Us | World Downloads | Updates | About

Enjoy! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.