Staff Terms

By becoming a HuskSMP staff terms, you agree to abide by the terms listed below at all times.

HuskSMP Staff Terms

Last revised Friday, April 24

By applying or being a part of the HuskSMP staff team (including both the moderation and building tracks), you acknowledge that if you violate the terms listed below at any point your staff rank will be revoked, and in severe cases you may be blacklisted from participating in both the Minecraft and Discord servers.

These terms can be revised at any point without warning, and when revised all changes will take effect immediately. For this reason, it is advisable to check here periodically.

All terms listed apply to both the Discord and Minecraft servers. If your rank is revoked for any reason, it will be revoked on both as well.

1. Abuse of power is not permitted in any situation.

As a staff member, you gain a significant amount of permissions which normal players do not have. You may not, at any point, use these permissions to give you a gameplay advantage over normal players. Staff permissions are only ever permitted to be used for their intended purpose, as laid out in the staff guide.

Examples include, but are most definitely not limited to:

  • Using creative mode to spawn in items
  • Using /speed or /fly to find a location quicker
  • Using /v to be invisible to players and/or mobs for any reason aside from checking for rule breakers
  • Abuse of the punishment system. This includes punishing a member when they didn’t break a rule, or using it to jokingly punish someone – even if you remove the punishment immediately after.

If staffing powers are used to give any (even slight) form of advantage over what normal players could, you will be demoted.

For builders powers (worldedit, creative, etc) should only ever be used on an active building project.

2. Staff members are to stay professional at all times.

This rule applies both inside and out of HuskSMP services. All staff members are to maintain professionalism at all times. This includes, and is not limited to:

  • No belittling, making fun of, and/or bullying any member for any reason, even if jocular
  • Absolutely no use of slurs, racism, or overly vulgar language (curse words are permitted in moderation however)
  • Keep any form of politics out of all HuskSMP services
  • No abuse of the punishment system, even as a joke

In Discord, this rule applies to your status, profile picture, “playing” tag, username, nickname, and messages.

In-game, this applies to your skin, username, nickname, chat messages, and announcements or other chat interactions.

This rule is not limited to just these areas however.

3. Check with an owner before making game-changing decisions.

If you plan to make a change to the server in terms of builds, gameplay mechanics, and/or plugins, contact either me (hume_man) or ripeideal first. 

Major changes are to be approved first and may require the change to be made and tested on a fallback server and/or backups taken first, so do not attempt anything without prior approval. If it is approved, please follow the procedures I give you at the time to make sure the server isn’t damaged.

4. Act without bias.

Staff members can’t act more leniently or more harshly towards people based on prior experiences with them, personal issues with them, or any other factor aside from the immediate rule they broke. Violations include:

  • Teaming with someone who uses hacks, but keeping quiet about it
  • Banning someone for a reason that you wouldn’t ban anyone else for because of grudges or issues with the person
  • Punishing someone solely based on prior experiences if they haven’t done anything on HuskSMP services

5. Don’t disturb users unless you were asked or you are in vanish or spectator mode.

This is more of a blanket rule, and doesn’t apply solely to the above example.

One of the largest issues I see in the reviews of other SMP servers is that admins tend to teleport to people unsolicited and cause issues (pushing them into lava by accident, breaking blocks, etc). If you want to teleport to someone for outside reasons which aren’t staffing related, please use /tpa. If you’re checking for rule breakage, please first enter /v or /gmsp.

This concludes the terms as of now. If they are updated, you will be alerted. Thank you!