The 1.16 Update Plan

As many of you know, Minecraft version 1.16 (the nether update) is releasing in two days (on June 23). This announcement details our plan/timing on HuskSMP’s upgrade to this new version.

The Timeline

Here’s a detail of when the upgrades will be occurring:

On 1.16’s release – All server advertisements will be taken down, and re-created when the server is updated. This may mean player counts will be low until that occurs.

3-5 days after 1.16 releases – The server will enter into a maintenance break, lasting a few days. During this time, no players will be able to join.

2-3 days after maintenance begins – Maintenance will end, and players will be able to rejoin. The server may be a little buggy for a few days while we get things figured out. Old and new survival will re-open to all players.

Up to a week after maintenance began – Our two new servers (undecided – see below for details) will open. Advertisements will be re-posted to the internet, and all servers should be mostly bug free by then.

Survival Server Updates

Since this is a major update, we would typically reset the survival world for this. However, since we just re-released the server a few weeks ago, we will not be doing this. Instead, we will be splitting the survival server into two separate servers (names pending):

  • Old survival: The survival server that’s currently here, upgraded to 1.16. The nether and end will be resetting.
  • New survival: A completely fresh, but functionally identical server to old survival, running on 1.16 from the start.

To be clear, any builds you have made in the overworld, money, claim blocks, crates, and so on will not be removed, and rather will remain in old survival.

Why? Since we just re-released, we want to be fair to our newer players and allow them to continue playing as usual considering they just started. For our older players, we’d also like to give them a chance to start fresh if wanted, as some may be bored of the current world by now.

Game Changes

In a poll in our discord server, the community decided that we would be removing both the SemiAnarchy and KitPvP games and replacing them. We’re not yet sure what these will be, but they will be decided by the time 1.16 releases. If you’d like to vote on what these will be, please click here to join the server and be redirected to the voting channel.